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Re: SAE deaths/Activated carbon article

Re: SAE deaths

Several people lost apparently healthy SAEs overnight.

I had a similar experience, losing five of six one night.
I attributed it to the fact the tank was thick with fast
growing stem plants resulting in massive consumption of
oxygen during the night. The surface was virtually stagnant
due to the mass of weeds and circulation was minimal. I'm
more careful now, especially with brightly lit setups.

Re: Activated carbon article in Aquarium Frontiers

I concur with the person who directed attention to this
article. It's a worthwhile read. The author measured for
cobalt loss during filtration through the carbon, concluding
that such loss was minimal. Unfortunately it doesn't tell
us much about the effect on Fe:EDTA etc.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca