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Re: Pumice

>Date: Sat, 8 Aug 1998 16:36:27 EDT
>From: IDMiamiBob at aol_com
>Subject: Pumice
>The substrate recommended by the folks that distribute Amano products here in
>the US is a product made of peat and pumice.
If you refer to ADA Power Sand, this is not only made of peat and pumice
but it's heavily fertilized! There is NPK and maybe (but I'm not sure about
that !) trace elements too.

>  I haven't found pumice available
I think hydroponic nurseries should have it. It's quite common in Italy.

>anywhere locally, but there are a lot of local rock and gravel places selling
>lava rock.  The bottom of the lava bins are always full of fine, almost soil-
>grade pieces.  Does anyone know what is the difference between pumice and
Lava rock is very rich of a LOT of minerals while pumice is mainly made of
... glass (that's true!!) and silicates. Plus Pumice is very light, less
than water.. normally it doesn't sink immediately. That means pumice offers
a _LOT_ of pores and vacuum spaces where water can enter and _stay_ ,
slowing down the release of fertilizer.

>garden variety sphagnum, and get the same substrate for less money (call it
>Poor Man's Amano Substrate- or PMAS)
There are SO MANY types of peat, be careful! Try to find one with a very
LOW organic content.
But you should add a NPK fertilizer too (possibly as low as you can in P).

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