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Re: Pumice

Luca writes:

> >garden variety sphagnum, and get the same substrate for less money (call it
>  >Poor Man's Amano Substrate- or PMAS)

>  There are SO MANY types of peat, be careful! Try to find one with a very
>  LOW organic content.

If it is low in organics, it won't be useful.  The acidity ( I keep South
American fish) and softening effects are both by-products of the organic
nature of peat moss.  In fact, now that I think of it, even the peats that are
low in these properties are organic in nature.  Sphagnum moss-baseed peat is
high in organics and high in acid/softening.  Woody-stem-based peats are low
in acid/softening properties, but still pretty much organic in nature.

>  But you should add a NPK fertilizer too (possibly as low as you can in P).

That goes without saying, as part of any fertilizer regime.

>  ADA use white pumice (which I think it richer in sylicates and allumicates
>  SiO4 & Al2O3) and they use 3 different sizes accordingly with the tank's
>  height. 
>  small size for tank less than 40cm high
>  medium size for tank between 40cm and 60cm high
>  large size for tank more than 60cm high

Thanks, Luca.  That defines it.  

>  The small size I used is 5-8mm diameter in size.

That's like 1/8 inch.  Are you sure that's Amano's idea of "small"?  Most
folks on this list look for 2mm gravel.