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Re: SAEs

Ken Guin wrote:
> Recently, all four of my SAEs died overnight for no apparent reason. I have
> other fish (angels, loaches, and corys) in the same tank that were not
> affected.  The tank is planted and has been established for about six
> months.

SAEs need well-oxygenated water and are the first fish to show
symptoms if the oxygen level starts to drop.  Also, they don't
have a functional swim bladder and can't sit at the top gasping
like other fish.  I lost three of them to low oxygen levels,
while my other fish were only somewhat affected.  (At the
surface, gasping a bit, but certainly not critical.)

I've noticed that oxygen levels seem to drop right after I do
a major pruning of my plants.  My theory is that the plant's
repair mechanisms are causing increased metabolism in the plants.
In any case, I have started turning on an airstone at night after
pruning my plants.  I only leave it on until the lights come on
in the morning, and while it deprives the plants of a little CO2,
my fish (especially the SAEs) seem better that way.

Were the lights on for a while before you noticed the SAEs?  If 
so, the oxygen levels would have come back up and the other fish
would be acting perfectly normal.  Just a thought.

David Ozenne
Berkeley, CA