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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #440

Here is my personal list of planted tank goals:

1. ++ Audibly stunning
..an AGF w/ a lift tube in each corner, powered by a cranked Whisper 1000.
..fluorescent lamps powered by 3 year old 80Watt Ballast w/ loose
..Fluval 403 w/ the return spray bar set just above the water line.
..Wet/Dry with a very low sump level.
2. ++ Visually stunning
.."You have fish living in that?!"

Seriously, the Optimum Aquarium to me is simply an in control aquatic
Therefore, I, like George, favor a solution based on products that are
commercially available and well received by the hobby.
Repeatable results count!

Folks, I've enjoyed the APD very much in the last month or so.  Some very
nice contributions lately.  Thank You.

odwyerpw at bluecorp_com (formerly odwyerpw at capital_net)