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NA native plants

Can anyone give me a list of native North American Aquatic Plants? I
am thinking of setting up a new tank I am going to build with native
fish. I was thinking that it would be nice to just use native plants
with the fish if I could locate enough variety to make an attractive
tank. I searched the Archives but didn't find anything.

Another question. This tank will be very long and I want to set up one
end as low light gravel bottom with big rocks. Something like a fast
moving creek since this is where the filter return will be and the
current at its strongest. I want to move into a lightly planted area
and then into a Heavy planted high light area at the far end. (8 ft
long tank)

Since I don't want the plants to spread into the different areas I was
toying with the idea of adding some fences (so to speak) when I build
the tank. Placing a piece of plywood or plexiglass or whatever in the
floor 2-3 inches tall. Put down the substrate and then gravel or sand
and just cover the fence so doesn't show. I know this wouldn't work
with plants such as Chain Swords, they would grow over the fence. Do
you think it would work with plants like Vals? Mine tried to take over
one of my tanks.

The fence would also make a good divider for different substrates. The
idea started as a way to separate the planted from the none planted
gravel only area.

Jeff <*\\><
www.airnet.net/kudzu/ "Kudzu's Christian Clipart Collection"