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Re: R. macrandra light levels

Luca Specchio wrote....

>As the setup of that little tank was identical to all the other tanks I've
>had, the reason why it didn't grow must be found somewhere else. All the
>differences between the tanks are in 2 things:
>1) light: even if my tanks have almost the same amount of light, in the
>case of that little tank I used only tri-phosphorus flurescent tubes. And I
>know for sure that Rotala is one of the most difficult plant to adapt to
>light, so I suggest you to go for a full spectrum fluorescent light. If you
>want I can tell you the Philips and Osram and Sylvania lamps you should use
>(in Italy GE is not very common, so I can't tell yoiu anything about that
>2) Chloride content (Cl- ion): in that little tank chlorides were higher
>than in my other tanks.

I add calcium chloride to the bright tank where the R. macrandra
grows slowly. It also shares the tank with about 35 other species.
Previously it did very well in a bright tank without the additional
calcium chloride and just a handful of other plant species.

>Of course I'm NOT stating that these 2 differences are the REAL cause why
>Rotalda didn't grow. But this all what I can deduct from my diary and I
>hope that can help you somehow.

Maybe you've hit upon something Luca.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca