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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #417

	>> Subject: Re: double fixtures

	>> In a message dated 98-07-29 20:36:48 EDT,
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com
	>> writes:

> << 
	>>  karen, 
	>>  for lighting, you suggested the 2 watts per gallon formula.
that means
	>>  that a double-40 watt fixture is not enough for a 55 gallon
tank.  where
	>>  does one get a triple light fixture?>>

	>> Sorry I never saw a triple myself either.  But I use a
formula of gallons
	>> times 24 = watt hours.  Therefore for the 55 gallon you need
1320 watt
	>> hours and dividing that by 80 watts you get 16.5 hours per
day.  This is
	>> only a rough number and needs to be adjusted down if you have
	>> tubes like the chroma 50's or a few others.  
	>>  f<<or 10 and 20 (or 29) gallons, the only fixtures available
are the single
	>>  15 and 20 watt ones, respectively.  what are the other
options?  are
	>>  there double fixtures for such tank sizes? >>

	>> I'm using doubles on my 29's and 30 gallon tanks.  Thing is
they use 
	>> 20 watt tubes only so were back to the formula.  But even
with the formuula
	>> I find that running 14 to 16 hours a day seems to be almost
ideal rather than
	>> the 18 hours from the formula.  18 hours just gives to much
algea for
	>> my desire.

	>> Dennis

	I use two double light fixtures that gives me 80watts over the
29 which 
	works out to be ~3 watts to a gallon. These lights are run on a
12 hr period and have had no problem with algae. 
	You can get these double light fixtures from Home Depot. Then
make yourself a DIY hood to
	accommodate both the fixtures and you should be set.
	Good luck 

Praveen Chandrasekhar