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Re: new tank lighting with aquastar.

>Hi all, Im setting up a new tank 4 foot by 18 by 18 inches. I was planning
>on using four 4 foot NO neon tubes. Does anyone here use sylvania
>'aquastars' They are a relativley mid priced NO tube and i like them. They
>are supposed to be 10 000 k which is sposed to bbe full spectrum correct.
Hi there,

1st of all don't go for ANY aquaristic NO tube... they are simply a remake
of normal tubes under different names. This way you can save a lot of money.
AFter this 1st consideration I would not go for Aquastar specifically...
its spectrum is not what you are looking for .. at least not alone... you
can use it only if you will have some evidence that red or blue radiation
is not enought for your plant growth. I can suggest you 2 Sylvania
DaylightStar (5000 K with UV protection) and 2 Sylvania Luxline Plus 860.
ONLY IF the plant growth is not satisfactory, you can exchange 1
DaylightStar with 1 Aquastar or 1 Grolux.

Luca Specchio