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Bolbitis/ Limnobium/ Nelumbo


i have just bought a Bolbitis, which i saw at a local store.  the leaves
look horrid but i bought it because it has a nice, thick rhizome and i
figure it's a healthy one.  i would appreciate hearing about what this
plant needs to prosper.  i grow java fern and i have no problem with that
one.  the water in my tanks are generally acid and soft.

i have some Limnobium but it refuses to do well for me.  at first, it
would produce lots of plantlets but never grow very big.  now, the
numbers are dwindling.  i would appreciate hearing from anyone about what
conditions it needs to thrive.

finally, today i saw lotus plants being offered at my favorite orchid
shop in chinatown.  they were small plants being offered in buckets, many
in bloom.  has anyone tried growing them in buckets or large containers
inside a home or apt.?  would it grow well indoors?

any responses greatly appreciated.

tsuh yang chen, new york city

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