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Re: Bolbitis/ Limnobium/ Nelumbo

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>There seem to be at least two different "varieties" of Bolbitis around in
>the hobby these days.  One is the traditional B. heudelotii, which does
>well in water that is quite soft.  It has a shorter petiole, and curlier
>leaves.  The other is definitely Bolbitis, but ,.... It has a MUCH longer
petiole, the leaves aren't as
>curly, and is in general a much bigger plant.  This one seems to grows
>better with a little more hardness to the water. 

I have both types of Bolbitus as Karen mentioned above. I originally got
the tall one from her and I think she got the "curly" one from me. In my
soft water (40-50 ppm CaCO3) with CO2 injection and pH ~7, the tall
Bolbitus species grows much faster than the curly one. So, this variety may
do better than the curly one in many types of water. They both do better
with adequate CO2 concentrations. They are one of my indicator plants for
my CO2 injection system. When the CO2 stops (e.g. when the tank runs
out),the leaves turn dark ... then they start sucking carbonates and   get
encrusted with marl. This may have something to do with the relative
performance of this genus in hard and soft water.

>Both types needed to be attached to something, the same way you handle Java
>Jern.  In my experience, though, Bolbitis grow better on driftwood, while
>Java Fern doesn't care whether you use driftwood, rocks or the kitchen

I don't keep my Bobitus attached. For me, either Bolbitus does not need to
be attached to something. However, it may do better if it were attached.