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No Subject


I am a newbie to the list. I searched the archives a lot before posting
this. I am sorry if it was discussed before but I didnot find what I wanted.

I am also not very experienced with plants  yet.

I have a 27 gallons thank (36X12X15)
light: 2 GE 24" plant & aquarium fluorescent tubes (20 whatt each)
	1 GE Gro & Sho 25" fluo. tube (33 whatt)

PH: 7.6 
lower with CO2

CO2 fertilisation (technique with the soft bottle, sugar and yeast)

My plants have yellowish leaves, I suspect iron or magnesium defiency
(first Iron)

I would like to know what would be a good cost effective way to fertilize
my plants.

I only have round gravel has a substrate ( a bit of peat moss under it in
some areas but really a minority)

Would the Plant Prod chelated micornutrients be a good choice sold as
Plantex in the US I think?

I also just bought a Plant Prod chelated Iron (7% iron and 48.8% DTPA. Is
that good? any dosage propositions, how should complement it?....

so many questions...

thank you in advance veterans