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Re: Chlorine and plants/Micronutrient Mix

> guppyguy wrote:

>>Subject: To dechlorine or not for plant-only tanks...
>>I find it contradictary to dechlorine tap water for my plant-only tank
>>since there's neither fish nor crustaceans. I opted for not yesterday
>>and figured there's way more algae on substrate today. Could be too
>>much many trace elements in water. What are your opinions on it?

Chlorine and likely chloramine are harmful to many plants at higher
doses (3 ppm) than those which cause problems to fish. From an old

Marie-Andree Lemieux writes...

>Would the Plant Prod chelated micornutrients be a good choice sold as
>Plantex in the US I think?


>I also just bought a Plant Prod chelated Iron (7% iron and 48.8% DTPA. Is
>that good? any dosage propositions, how should complement it?....

Good for iron, but unnecessary if you use the PPCMM.

Good luck finding the missing elements. Normally you cannot go
wrong adding K, N if you have good growth, Ca and Mg if the raw
water is soft.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca