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Tubes for 70 gallon aquarium

> John Lemons III wrote:
> I am new to aquatic plants, but I'm enjoying it emensly...  My current
> planted
> tank is a 70 gal tank with 3 40watt Triton bulbs.  I am considering
> upgrading the
> lighting system and would like some advice, since the whole thing seems
> comfusing
> to me.
> Which option would you choose and why?
> How many watts is too much?
> How many watts is too little?
> How will the sudden introduction every morning of xxx watts effect the
> fish?
> Should I consider a dimmer?
> Where is the best place (read CHEAP) to purchase the equipment?
> How should I evaluate efficiency, and how does this effect the plants?
> Is an electronic ballast really worth the extra cost?
> How can I justify it to my wife?  :)

First, you didn't really say *WHY* you want to upgrade your lighting
system.  Are your plants not doing well?  Do you use any type of CO2
injection?  I have 3 40-watt bulbs (All-Glass strip lights - one twin
tube, and one single tube) on my 75G Tank, and my plants are growing like
crazy.  Of course, right now it is not a real heavily planted tank (which
will be changing soon).

Just thinking that if you want to spend your money on the hobby, you might
as well put it where it will do the most good.

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