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Re: Tubes for 70 gallon aquarium

John Lemons III wrote:

I am new to aquatic plants, but I'm enjoying it emensly...  My current
tank is a 70 gal tank with 3 40watt Triton bulbs.  I am considering
upgrading the
lighting system and would like some advice, since the whole thing seems
to me.
Which option would you choose and why?
How many watts is too much?
How many watts is too little?
How will the sudden introduction every morning of xxx watts effect the
Should I consider a dimmer?
Where is the best place (read CHEAP) to purchase the equipment?
How should I evaluate efficiency, and how does this effect the plants?
Is an electronic ballast really worth the extra cost?
How can I justify it to my wife?  :)


Try to add one more Triton.  I have 4 over my 70 gallon aquariums and the
plants are gorgeous!  You don't have to spend more money, but an electronic
ballast seems to make the tubes burn cooler and last still longer.  You
don't need a dimmer!  An "Ice Cap Ballast" seems to be the very best in
electronic ones and I don't have any brand recommendations on the less
expensive ones.  You can justify it to your wife by keeping a beautiful,
well-planted aquarium where everything is growing in a well decorated
aquatic setting with driftwood, rocks and plants.  Burn your four tubes for
12 to 14 hours daily.

Hope this helps.

Merrill Cohen