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Re: Glossostigma

Steve Dixon wrote:

<I'm having fun working on growing out a patch of Glossostigma elatinoides
for the first time.  (My LFS finally <started carrying thestuff.)  It is
growing well in soft water under bright light (110 wattsof 6700K compact
<fluorescent lighting over a 40 gal. regular tank withDupla laterite and a
hand full of peat granules in the <substrate.Tropica Mastergrow is added
weekly with water changes).   It seems to bea stem plant with most new
<growth coming in vertical, despite the brightlight.  The stem nodes do
have fine root hairs, but it is not <clear tome how to get the plant to
'lay down.'  So far, the plant has notproduced the horizontal runners I
<was expecting.  In volume 33 of the Aqua Journal there is a question and
answer aboutgrowing glosso that <suggests one might trim off the vertical
growth.Amano states that an experienced aquariast might trim glosso <leaves
thatcome in on top of other glosso leaves.  Is this the technique?  How
haveyou persuaded your glosso <to grow horizontally?

Two months ago I planted 5 small pots of Glossostigma elatinoides in my 29
gal.long tank and the substrate is now covered with luminescent green. The
tiny plants were packed in rockwool which I removed completely before
planting each one individually in the gravel. I used Flourite but I assume
that all laterite type substrates would be good. This plant needs at least
3-4 watts per gal.to thrive. If they are spread out,they grow much better
and really appreciate additional CO2. As they are gaining roots try not to
disturb them as they float up easily. Just replant as needed. A week or so
later you should start bending the offshoots down and plant the entire stem
horizontally in the gravel, pressing lightly. After a while much less
maintenance is required until you have a carpet the fish really love. They
seem to come to the foreground a lot more lately.

Susan Romano