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Scratch Remover Kits

I'm moving my 125 gal. acrylic tank this weekend in connection with some
house renovations.  I thought I would take the opportunity to try to
remove a few scratches on the inside of the tank where a piece of
aquarium gravel got caught in the cleaning pad and scratched the inside
of the tank.  I've ordered the Rainbow Lifeguard scratch removal kit
from TPP.

Has anyone given this a try?  Any tips or pointers I should be aware of?

Could I hazard a little work on the outside surface of the acrylic tank?
It turns out my two year old took a plastic baseball bat to my tank
while I was at work and there are a couple of marks and streaks of
plastic on the outside of the tank which I have been unable to remove.
Can the scratch removal kit be used to restore the 'mirror' finish on
the outside of a tank?

Thanks in advance for your help and advice.  Regards, Steve Dixon  --
in San Francisco