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Re: Mic. Windelov and java fern Q ...

>Aquatic Plants Digest       Sunday, July 5 1998       Volume 03 : Number 365

>Date: Sun, 05 Jul 1998 18:48:55 +0800
>From: Michael Cordero <taburnok at skyinet_net>
>Subject: windelov and java fern Q ...

>could someone here give me info on how to keep these plants
>alive happy ... what temp they like water conditions and the 
>like ..

Look at http://www.tropica.com/8b.htm      at

Temperature         20-30 oC
Hardness tolerance  average-hard
pH tolerance        neutral
This plant do not need special fertilizer.

Look at http://www.tropica.com/mic1.htm
for an article about Microsorum pteropus 'WindelÝv'

And look at http://www.tropica.com/lava1.htm
for an article about plants Cultivated on Stones

Claus Christensen