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RE:Getting Started with a CO2 starter system

Kelly wrote:

"I'm ready to take the CO2 plunge (I think!) and have spied a system called
CO2 Complet, by Aqualine Buschke.  I'm not that familiar with any
manufacturer of aquarium CO2 products.  I saw this system in That Fish
Place's catalog.  They do not mention the size of the canister, but the
whole setup is $279, and includes the following:"

Kelly, a couple of months ago, I offered list members information regarding
a 10 pound system with a dual gauge regulator and a Nupro needle valve for
less than $170. I have been running my system for three months now and it
works flawlessly.  It does NOT include a solenoid, and I made my own bubble
counter and reactor from a gravel tube, which works like a charm. If you, or
any other list member, want more information, please contact me via the
email address below.


Ken Guin
Kenguin at homemail_com