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Re: Light Bulb

Adam asked:
> I wass curious if any one knew of the plant and aquarium bulb by GE ?
> The bulb it's self says "Plant&Aquarium F15T8-PL/AQ" Does any one have
> any idea s to the kelvin rating and/or the CRI of this bulb?

I have a couple of these in use and I think they're good for what they
cost, but I don't know what their ratings are.  I'll estimate that the
color temp is a little lower than a daylight bulb, but higher than a warm
white, so lets say about 4500 K.  The color is a little yellowish - very
yellowish if your preference runs to blueish (by my standards) light like
a cool white.  Its color rendition is definitely better than cool white,
but probably not as good as a Chroma 50. 

Roger Miller