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buffering soft water for CO2 system

Hi everyone,

I am newly subscribed and have a question that I have been unable to find an
answer from someone that has a similar situation.

When I hook up my CO2 system (using a pH meter to trigger the CO2 injection),
the water after a water change has a pH of approx 6.2.  I then allow the CO2
to bubble in (at a slow rate).  In about 15 minutes my 125 gallon tank has a
new pH of 6.1 and the system shuts off.  The pH never comes back up to re-
trigger the CO2.  I have to add Sodium Bicarbonate to re-adjust the pH to kick
the CO2 back on.  I have to do this every day.  Is there something I am
missing or is this just the way one has to add buffering into the system in
soft water?

I only keep South American dwarf cichlids and other South American species, so
the soft water is great.  But I like a well planted tank and would like to get
the most out of the CO2 system.

Thank you for your response.