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The Zebra mussel joke (I hope)

Michael wrote:
>Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #355
>Hey, can I get some of that gravel from you?  Couple hundred pounds should do
>it.  I hate commercial gravel, most of it looks about as natural as a Day-Glo
>worm.  I wouldn't mind if a zebra mussel was in the gravel I want some for my
>ornamental ponds and aquariums. 


I sure hope that this was supposed to be a joke or said just to get people
going. We have had graphic descriptions of what Zebra mussels will do if
they get into your aquarium or pond system. I hope someone sends you this
info so that you *forget* even thinking about Zebra mussels in any water
you have.

in Vancouver, where we don't have them yet and we're praying we never do.