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Western Red Cedar

Andrew Inniss wrote:
>Subject: Cedar
<snip>  Cedar (and
>Western Red Cedar is the worst culprit) emits phenols which are
>potentially fatal to rodents, and potentially cause a variety of
>respiratory problems for humans too.  <snip> So, what does this mean for
>animals living in aqueous solution, in a (semi)closed system w/ a lot
> of other chemical interactions taking place?  I don't know, but I thought
>perhaps knowing exactly which chemicals we may be dealing with might prove
>useful to the discussion.  Interesting stuff,

So glad you mentioned Western Red Cedar. We have had a thread like this
before and I think the name "cedar" is widely misapplied and that before
one uses it in an aquarium one should check with an expert for it's "real"
name. I know that around here WR Cedar is used in pet bedding to *kill*
fleas and that some pets, especially cats, show definate alergic reactions
to it. It is also mixed in with fir and hemlock shavings and used for horse
bedding and I know that if the WR cedar content is too high it can cause
problems with horses, especially those that come from the East and are
accustomed to straw for bedding. 

in Vancouver