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RE: Dwarf Lilly-Hybrid Ulvaceus (was "corms")

    I purchased a package of these bulbs about a month ago when I was
up my first tank.  There were four bulbs in the package and all four
have sprouted
and grown (some better than others).  The resulting plants (so far) have
to the top of the tank, covered the surface of the water with floating
and sent up numerous flowering stalks.  The first flower stalk that was
sent up
practically grew in front of my eyes, when I got home from work it was
two inches from the surface of the water, and about two hours later it
had broken
through the surface.
    In short: they grow rapidly and well, but be sure that they are what
you want!


>Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 22:04:34 -0000
>From: "AHodge" <ahodge at alltel_net>
>Subject: corms
>I picked up some corms in W-Mart recently and the instructions said to
>them in the aquarium and they would root on their own.  I have just
>to notice that they have indeed rooted and look very nice.  I was
>if anyone else have tried them.  They are located in the fish section
>are called Dwarf Lilly-Hybrid Ulvaceus  They were about $2.50 for 5-6

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