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Red Plants

Hello all.  I have been on the list for a while, and enjoyed learning a ton 
of Info from all of you experts.  In fact this list has even gotten me a 
new friend, Auggie- who lives in Green Cove Springs, just a few miles away 
from Orange Park where I live.  This has been great, and Auggie has even 
given me plants, and taken some minnows off of my hands.  Well lets get to 
the plant question, and stop rambling.
I have  an 80 gallon tank with the following parameters

240 watts light on 12 hours per day.  (140 watts design 50 bulbs 5000k, 100 
watts 4500k 83cri cool white.)
tanks is run at 88 deg f (Florida and Lights get hot)

Plants are growing ok,  we are still putting our fertilizer together, and 
waiting on supplies.  The tank has been set up for about a year.  We have a 
gravel substrate, we fertilize with flourish, potassium nitrate, jobes 
spikes, and yeast co2.  My only problem is that all of my red plants end up 
turning green in time.  Every one.  I have ludwigia, pink tilly, and they 
all turn green.  What can I do to get them back to red.  I have been told 
to put in a couple of higher k lights, and that is when I went to so many 
5000k lights.  I am having a problem finding the higher k lights locally. 
 Please give me any advise you may have, all responses are appreciated.