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Dosing PMDD

Title: Dosing PMDD

I got the raw ingredients for PMDD and made a half 'o liter last week.  I have a Red Sea Fe test kit - in fact, just about every test kit anyone would ever want (amm, nitrite, nitrate, phosphorus, iron, ph, kh, gh, etc.).

Ok, so now I have a bottle of my very own PMDD and I have the Sears-Conlin paper about dosing.  But there's something on which I'm not quite clear.  If your Fe levels are below .1 ppm (or is it 1 pmm, I forget), how can you "ramp" that up without causing major disturbances?  Right now I'm dosing according to Sears-Conlin, and adding a couple of extra drops til I get the recommended amount.

20 and 26 gallon tanks, no CO2 (yet).