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CO2 up and running and one more question

Thank you for all your help and suggestions.  My CO2 is up and running for
the third day.  I ended up adding 2 tsp baking soda for alkalinity of around
100ppm.  My pH dropped to 7.0.  I hooked it up to my AquaClear 200 power
filter intake chamber (adjust flow control all the way down and put the
airline tubing through the hole in the top of the cover).  You can hear the
bubbles being chopped up.  I was able to maintain a pH of 7.0 all night by
pulling the tubing back from the pump slightly so that I could no longer
hear the bubbles being sucked in.  My fish do not seem to be stressed by the
.4 drop in pH.  According to the tables I should have a level of 18 ppm CO2
in my tank.  Am I using the tables right now?  By late afternoon my plants
are bubbling oxygen like mad so it must be helping.

One more question, I am due for a water change and have my 5 gallon bucket
full of tap water.  I added 1/2 tsp. baking soda for an alkalinity of about
100ppm.  When I add the baking soda to the water it raises the pH to 7.6
(7.2 out of the tap) so how do I get the pH down to 7.0 so I can add the
water to the tank?  I am changing 5 gallons in a 29 gallon tank, is this
even enough to  worry about?

 I tried a tee on my DIY CO2 injector but there is not enough pressure to
send bubbles both ways as I am not able to inject at the same level.  The
lower end gets the raw end of the deal.  Can I take the CO2 completely out
of the main tank and inject into the bucket or will the pH in the tank rise
too fast?

Thanks again for all your help,