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Re : water circulation

Reid Wrote :
  < SNIP >
>Rather than using a powerhead to generate flow, would it be possible to
>use a wide, shorter lift tube, with a submersible heater positioned
>directly IN the lift tube?  In this way, one might be able to use
>convection to generate EXTREMELY gentle water flow, much more so than
>with any pump.  Has anyone contemplated/tried this?  < SNIP >

maybe we could also use some sort of heater under the aquarium ..
my idea is that to use some sort of steel plate stick to the bottom
of the aquarium (outside) .. use some sort of heater to heat this up
this might work like those food heaters .. in buffets .. where in
the food is indirectly heated in a pan of hot water .. or maybe even use
hot water .. then use a submersible heater set real high .. who knows

DIY are great .. if anybody could give some good insight on this ..
pros cons .. or maybe some other way aside from heating cables .. 
i dont like the idea of the possibility of getting an electric shock 
while prunning my plants < KZZZT >< OUCH > ..