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Re: RO water


If your tap is 37 ppm TOTAL hardness then you have very soft water and
there is no need to use RO water unless there are some bad things in your
water like excess nitrate, phosphate, silica, etc.

Otherwise you can just ratio things.  1 part RO with 0 ppm (or close to
it) to 1 part tap will divide the tap hardness in half.  Your pH may still
be high as the RO water has virtually no buffering capacity.  You can also
just use plain RO and add back the salts to whatever hardness level you
desire without worry about any toxins or bad things in your tap water.
There are several manufacuters of these salts.  I use the Kent RO Right,
but others have claimed that regualar saltwater salt can be used and is
even cheaper.

RO water also makes great drinking water as well

Good luck,
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