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Jobes Plant sticks and Kent additives

I've read the archives 0n these two products, but I still come away 
slightly confused.
Jobes has been reccommended for added plant nutrition (esp. in a rich 
subtrate tank.)Yes or No?

Im considering using small bits(as suggested)to enhance the somewhat 
sluggish growth in my ten gallon.  Maybe Im too impatient, maybe not.
The iron additives however, Im not too confident about using.
1) Which Kent product.  My LFS had only two products avail. both were 
for SW setups.  Kent Essential Elements and Kent Super Chelated Iron.
2) With a rich substrate and weekly water changes (and no desire to add 
drops daily) do I really need the added Iron?
My understanding of the archived posts leads me to believe that I do not 
really need the added Iron.

Parameters:  10gal Clean and Clear corner filter (too much surface 
agitation, but blends well and I got rid of my Fluval anyway)
3 Amazon swords, 1 crypt. wendtii, 3-4 java fern plants, some small 
amount of Lilieop. sp.
Plenty of fish, lightly fed.
Still got a little of a worm problem.  
Bob, Im not so sure the corys are doing anymore than my manual 
extractions of slime and ritual vaccuumming/water changing,
but my wife thinks they're cute. So, they'll stay.
Thanks in advance 
Joe Anderson
 In Oklahoma City, where a tornado touched down in the city this week 
for the first time in twenty years and the wind is still a' rolling.

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