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Re: CO2 Advice Please

Dennis wrote:
<I'm moving away from pump filters and moving almost exclusively to
<spongefilters in order to drasticly reduce the turbulance in several of my
<plantedtanks.My CO2 system is basicly bottled CO2, regulated than run
through a <timervalve and finally a needle valve.  In the past I bubbled it
into the <inlets ofthecanaster filters.  However with the move to sponge
filters I need <another wayto get the CO2 into the water that is more
efficient than bubbling <it throughan air stone.  Does anyone have any
suggestions here?

I too have found that sponge filters are just about the best thing going in
plant tank filtration. You achieve water movement, minimal turbulence and
the very presence of the filter acts as a CO2 reactor. To maximize the
output, hoeever,it is possible with a DIY unit to insert the output hose of
the CO2 bottle into the top of the tube of the sponge filter down the tube
into the sponge. I'm not sure how that will translate into bottled CO2 but
if feasible,a sponge filter makes a great reactor. I'm a very low tech type
who believes if it works and its cheap, you're damn lucky. There's an
additional plus that beats  all! I've had much luck raising fish fry on all
the infusorions in the filters.
Also, these filters don't suck the babies in and need minimal maintenance.
Good luck to you!

Susan Romano