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Re: Water Hardness

Chlayne writes:

<< OK one more thing, This test has to be wrong!  I have always been told that
> we have hard water around here. We all get our water from the Columbia river
> yet the test I am using says that my GH is 3 dh and my KH 3 dh.  According
> to the chart at Tropica this is very soft.  That just can't be, can it?

Hi Chlayne,
	I live in the Snake River Aquifer, which is a major tributary to the
Columbia.  I get readings of GH3 and KH 4.  The Columbia is mostly snowmelt,
and snowmelt is as soft as it gets.  Because most of the rock that the feed
waters runs through (or more properly around, over and between) is igneous in
nature, there is very little that will dissolve into the water as it goes by.
Your readings are probably correct.
	Sometimes it seems everyone thinks their municipal water supply is really
nasty with hardness and pollutants.  I think it's part of the "someplace-else-
has-to-be-better-than-here" syndrome that many unhappy people seem to have.
	An interesting note: when I lived at the other end of town, my water's
hardness was GH12 and KH8.  Different neighborhoods are on different wells.
So someone else in town who also is into this hobby may be accurately telling
you what his or her water parameters are, but they are not necessarily yours.

Bob Dixon