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Re: shells in gravel

Roxanne Bittman writes:

<snip>< When I last set up a new tank, I looked long and hard
> for shell-less gravel to no avail.  I gave up and am
> using the 2-3mm gravel available at the LFS that has
> shells in it with no ill effects with R/O water and CO2
> injection. ><snip>

I have lived and kept fish in Western NY, San Diego, Baltimore, and now Boise.
I have kept fish on and off for almost 30 years and have NEVER seen, found,
dug out, or otherwise disclosed any amount of shell material in my gravel.  I
have tested commercial gravels with muriatic acid and never gotten any
positive indication for carbonates in any form.  Either y'all are talking
about something other than the remains of small hard-shelled animals, or you
guys aren't buying your gravel at pet shops.

I know I'm not nuts, and I'm (reasonably) sure you guys aren't either, so what
am I missing here?

Bob Dixon
	in Boise, where it is extremely wet this year, at least for Boise.  If I
wanted this much rain, I would move to Seattle.