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Newsgroup vs. Digest

 Steve Pushak wrote:

>I actually think this list would benefit if the discussion were returned
>to the threaded format of a news group. Until the old-timers decide that
>the action is on the ng, they aren't going to move. My 2 cents.

>Dave wrote:

>Amen Cynthia. I stopped responding to the newsgroup because of the ever
>increasing amount of unwanted spam. I have small children and I dont want
>them reading about the latest in weird sexual web sites etc etc.

 "Louis Lin" wrote:

>I enjoy the aquatic plant list more than the plant newsgroup.
>The quality of the discussions on the mailing list is higher and
>there is less noise.  Personally, I found the digest form a pro
>and don't mind the lack of threading.

And finally I'm writing.... I agree with Dave and Louis. Threading doesn't
matter to me. I've stopped reading the Newsgroup because I like the Digest
much better and the Newsgroup has generated a LOT of nasty spam that I now
can't seem to prevent. When I first got networked I had a compulsion to try
to help every newbie with every question. I have gotten over it. I got by
as a newbie and learned as I went and I don't see any reason to feel sorry
for those on the Newsgroup. They will get the info they need. Besides
that's where all the flamers lurk and all newbies need their ordeal by fire
before they can leave "newbie" status. <g> and Steve.... I'm not sure who
you are refering to as "old timers" but watch it, eh! :)

in Vancouver