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CO2 cost

Re: Melissa's question about the Ceomat CO2 and
subsequent discussions on cost.

The reason I specified that compressed gas was less
expensive in the long run is that, it can be a little
pricey initially.  If I recall, the Ceomat is being offered
at under $100 for the entire setup.

In contrast, the regulator, needle valve, cylinder
(rental), and so forth that you need for compressed
gas runs about $200, UNLESS you do DIY, which I

Refills on my 5 lb tank (which is the only size that fits
under the tank; I wasn't willing to have a 20# bottle
sitting in my living room) have to occur every 2
months and cost $20 in the Sacramento, CA area
each time.
That runs to $120/year in refills.

Your mileage may vary.  Clearly there are people out
there using less CO2 than me in their tanks, so their
bottles last longer.  There are also different prices
across the country for cylinder refilling; I'm sure Calif.
is one of the more expensive.

It's worth it to me though; the ability to grow more
different kinds of plants with CO2 than without is the
biggest benefit.

From what I have heard, including info from m3, who
distributed the Ceomat at one time, that system is not
worth the money due to the trouble it takes to get it
working right, IF you can make it work right.

Yeast is still the cheapest way to provide CO2 to your
tank(s), but compressed gas is clearly the easiest, in
my opinion (and not the most expensive).

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