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RE: American Flagfish/SAEs

There is a store in South Denver, Neptune (303)798-1776. They have SAEs 
@$1.99. The tank is label "Flying Fox", but these are the real stuffs. The 
store is on CountyLine and University, next to Mervyn store. The first 
batch has SAE and Flying Fox mixed in the tank. This new batch are all 
SAEs. If you are making a long drive, call a head, they will not sell you 
the fish, if they are medicating the tank.

Don't forget to bring whatever you need, to help you ID. the fish.

Few weeks ago, they also have "Yamato-Numaebi". But I think it all gone; 
however, they do have glass shrimps.


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Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 11:23:19 -0600
From: Kip Tarpley <kip at iex_net>
Subject: American Flagfish/SAEs


I am looking for a source of American
Flagfish and SAEs in the Colorado
Springs/Denver area. Any suggestions?
Thanks very much.    Kip