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Re: 48 inch lights

In a message dated 98-06-07 15:57:26 EDT, Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com

 Absolutely. One of my tanks is a 38G (36" wide by 12") and finding decent
 bulbs at a price that won't make me late for my mortgage payment can be
 All hoods seem to overhang the tanks a bit on  either edge by about an inch.
 Nothing to worry about really.

Yes these do hurt the budget.  Generally I can make a hood with bulbs in it
using 48 inch lights out of oak for $50.00.  But when I'm working with the
36 inch tubes the price skyrockets to around $80.00 even though I'm using
less wood.   

The solution is to make the hood 7 inches wider on each side of the tank so
the 48 inch tubes will fit inside.  Sure it does not look as great but if you
also make
your stand by bringing side peices up to the top you solved the appearance

The best set up I have for a narow tank is an oak stand for a 30 gallon tank
on the 
bottom and an 80 gallon tank on the top.  The two 48 tubes are built right
the stand that is actually 51 1/2 long and the top 80 gallon has 4 tubes built
a custom made fixture.  Both the stand and hood are made of oak.

If anyone wants specifices on how to do this we can discus this off line.
Dennis 8425 at aol_com