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Re: Chemistry question/Calcium in water


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I would like to thank Roger, Paul, Raj and anyone else who responded to my
question on neutralizing gravel using acid.  I sent this message to the
list last week but it did not appear somehow, so I'm posting it again.  I
took the liberty of enclosing Raj's message to me, because I think it is
probably useful to others on the list.

In short, I soaked the Cambria gravel in diluted swimming-pool Muriatic
acid three times, emptying the acid solution everytime the bubbling
stopped, and adding a new solution.  When I could not get it to bubble
anymore, I drained and rinsed the gravel well several times.  The amount of
acid it took to get to this point was about 1/3 the volume of the gravel,
similar to what Raj found for his beach sand.

I then soaked the gravel in water overnight, then tested that water in the
morning.  The pH was 7.0 (neutral).  That was a surprise for me.  I had
expected to see 8.1 since my tap water pH is around 8.1.  Maybe I hadn't
rinsed well enough and there was still some acid left?

Anyway, the new gravel has now been in my tank for almost a week (a new
beach in the aquascape), and everything has been fine.

Thanks again,


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