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The Aquatic Plant Grower's List (TAPGL)

With all the "advertising" for the lists of commercial mail-order
aquatic plants, we should not forget that the thousands of folks who
participate on this mailing list are an excellent source for aquatic
plants! I encourage people to post to the APD and to include their
general geographic location in their signature. I've gotten out of the
habit lately so I'll rectify that below.

If you are looking for someone in your area who might have plants for
sale, you should visit TAPGL on my website. If you would like to provide
folks with your extra trimmings just send me an email including your
name and geographic location and I will be glad to add you to TAPGL.

Has anyone found TAPGL useful? I have no idea how many people use it.
I'd like to know if its existence is justified so drop me a line by
private email please.
Steve Pushak                              Vancouver BC CANADA

Visit "Steve's Aquatic Page"      http://home.infinet.net/teban/
 for LOTS of pics, tips and links for aquatic gardening!!!