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Alea problem

    I have setup my 20 gallon tank for 5 month now. Igot this hair algea
from last week. I didn't change my tank water for three weeks because of
school exames. This algea is thine threads with darkgreen color. First it
grow on the plants close to the light. After I clean up those plants with
algea on it, the algea start to grow on my amazon awords and other not
infected plants. I don't know what to do! I try to scrape it off, but it
keep growing back. Could anyone help me? I have 57W of light on the tank. I
also have otocincles in the tank. they won't eat this kind of algea. Is
there any fish that would eat it? Thank you.
Eamil me or post on the APD. Thank you very much!