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Re: black spot algae

     >Reid Kerr <rkerr at netcom_ca> asked about black spot algae. I think 
     >this might also be the same as something sometimes referred to as 
     >green spot algae. In point of fact, there may be several species of 
     >algae which fit this description.
     >I don't know what the scientific name of it is. Some type of this 
     >algae seems to be present in soil or else it has escaped my bleaching
     >attentions. I find that it spreads under the early stages of some of 
     >my soil tanks when the iron levels may be at their highest. It won't 
     >go away on its own and is not eaten by anything so you have to remove 
     >the affected leaves gradually and let new ones grow in as 
     >replacements. Strong light seems to encourage growth of this on 
     >leaves near the watersurface.
     The genus Coleochaete, a green alga, is epiphytic on aquatic plants.  
     This is the familiar "green spot" algae we find in our aquaria, and 
     there are several species native to North America.  A microscopic 
     image can be found at: 
     I believe it appears black whenever it becomes sufficiently thick.