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Re: more yeast tragedy stories

It sounds to me as if yeast is a very nasty mistake to get into your
tank. Plays h**l with your bacteria etc. Better to start over I think. I
wonder if the yeast covered plants moved to other tanks also introduce
the yeast beasties there?? Once they have moved into an environment, I
suppose they live there permanently. Or is there something which
eventually kills them or prevents them from taking over if you only have
a few yeast organisms??

bhunter at descon_com wrote:
> Hmmmmmm.....
> Deja Vu.....
> i have poisned two tanks   a 66gal and a 30 gal...
> i have the same symtoms, film on the plants etc.... bubbles rising from
> the substrate... stinking rotting smell....
> have done 3 complete water changes on the 40 - killed all fish, 90%
> plants.... in the 66 the mixture was much less dilute and killed only
> 10% of the plants and halfj of the fish.... have done 2 complete water
> changes and it appears to be clearing... time will telll.... alll fish
> have been moved and i will treat the tank as as "new" tank going thru
> all the usual cycles before fish are put back in   many weeks etc...
>  i also did change the filter media MANY times - it was slimy (yick) and
> did 2 sessions with a diatom filter to no avail....
> later,
> Bob.

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