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Air Pumps with DIY CO2

> Eric Coffman wrote:
> possible to prevent CO2 from escaping. If you keep your yeast aerobic to
> increase the yeild of CO2 to gram of sugar you can pressurize the system
> using a small airpump.

I may not be understanding you correctly, Eric...are you
suggesting pressurizing you DIY CO2 bottle with an airpump? 
i.e.  pumping air in with the CO2 to help the yeast and then
allowing the air/CO2 mix to flow into the CO2 reactor?

It seems to me that the amount of air moved by the pump will
be huge compared to the amount of CO2 produced by the
yeast.  This means that the concentration of CO2 in the gas
pumped into the tank will be about the same as ordinary
air.  My perception is that a high concentration of CO2 is
required in the reactor to increase the amount of dissoved
CO2 in the water.  With an airpump forcing room air into the
mix, you might as well dispense with the yeast mixture
altogether, for all the good it will do.

I have seen this suggested in other forums, usually with no
objections from the masses ... could someone please clear up
any misconceptions I might have concerning the usefulness of
this idea?


Paul Chapman
Saskatoon, SK