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Re: Dupla in Canada

> Date: Tue, 21 Apr 98 15:44:56 MDT
> From: "Marshall F. Wilkinson" <wilkinso at acs_ucalgary.ca>
> Subject: Re: Dupla in Canada? Not!
> Andrew
> There is no source for Dupla in Canada. We're too few people and
> too many miles to ship around all that dirt. Unless you can get
> something "on sale" you'll get stiffed with exchange AND duty
> tax with US mailorder.
> There are laterite substitues (not necessarily cheaper
> though). Flourite and Terralit are available to us Canucks.
> Marshall Wilkinson
> Calgary Alberta  (Hopelessly overworked...and underpaid)

    There is no source for Dupla in Canada but this does have some
advantages.You can order directly from Dupla in Germany and bypass the
middle man. It is still expensive however (cheaper than JP Burlenson).
Contact Dupla through dupla.com they sent me a price list and how to
order stuff from them.
    For laterite there is still some floating around from the Dupla's
distributors bankruptcy sale....
Try Imagine Oceans in Ottawa.... 613-728-0022. I bought some Duplarit G
from them... They still have lots left along with all the other

Trevor Thomas
tthomas at engsoc_carleton.ca
Faculty of Engineering,
Carleton University