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Re: plant cuttings die without chelated iron?? ;-)

> Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 22:02:52 -0700
> From: Steve Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca>
> George wrote:
> > Oh, sure, not adding Dupla drops for a few weeks is VERY reasonable.  
> > Let me run right home and start killing my plants.
> Now don't panic George! (note smiley, pls)

So, if the smiley is in the "Subject" line, is the whole posting a joke?

> Are you saying that you believe that many of your plants which have
> established root systems would die without any chelated iron additions
> for 2 weeks? 
> [snip]
> Are you saying that the replanted tops from trimming might die without
> chelated iron for 2 weeks? 

I'm saying I use the Dupla products as directed and get excellent results. I'm 
saying I have no reason to experiment with my current methodology because it 
produces excellent results.  I'm saying I'm not going to screw up *my* tank 
because *you* want some free data for an article in TAG. 


I think that a "Dupla" substrate has a large reserve of iron due to the regular 
daily additions of iron rich Duplaplant-24 drops. I think some of the iron 
introduced into the water column by the drops is taken in by plant leaves and 
some is moved into the substrate and bound to the laterite for immediate use by 
plant roots and some as a reserve. I think that the effects of not adding drops 
for a period of time would not be noticed until all the reserves were used up.  
I think that once all the reserves were used up, a *dramatic* effect would be 
noticed and it would take quite a while until things were stable again. So I 
think the design of the experiment is flawed.  

> Well a few straggly clones might be a
> reasonable price to pay for knowledge of the importance of iron in the
> water. But suppose the cuttings root quickly and actually start growing,
> maybe a little slower than usual. THAT could be well worth knowing.

It sounds like "knowledge", however anecdotal, is more important to you than an 
attractive aquatic garden.  I think most people on this list are striving to 
produce "tanks that look just like the photos" and are only interested in 
finding out what "works".  Unfortunately, many people have to go through a 
process of discovering what doesn't work before they are able to practice what 
does work.  

Karla and I spent five or six years doing "experiments" with our various tanks 
back in the good old days of internet aquatic gardening. We now have setups that 
work.  We are not interested in doing other experiments and finding other ways 
that work.  One working method of aquatic plant practice is just the right 
number for us. I have written extensively about our practice on our website for 
others to read and learn from. Our chosen method may be too cost intensive for 
others and they are welcome to experiment to find a more cost effective 

We are now sitting back and enjoying the fruits of our labors.  I'm sorry if my 
previous expermiments did not produce enough data for you.    

> Steve P in Vancouver ever so gently nudging George in the ribs ;-)

George in Colorado who is tired of getting poked in the ribs