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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #216

> Subject: Re: Yeast Intrusion
> > From: BUFF HARSH <footwork at earthlink_net>
> > Subject: yeast intrusion

What kind of yeast are you using?  I am not so sure that the cloudiness in your
tank is caused by yeast.  Yeasties need quite a high concentration of sugars to
keep going and not flocculate out of the water column, and I don't think a
standard aquarium can provide that much.  Also, if you did have dormant yeast
on the bottom of the tank, it would take a whopping big dose of sugar to get
them off the bottom again.  The fermentor that you use for the DIY CO2 is a
breeding ground for many other types of bacteria and fungi, and I would suspect
something more along those lines for your water cloudiness.

                                        D. Gauthier