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>Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 09:08:48 EDT
>From: Phylesis <Phylesis at aol_com>
>Subject: lighting
>		Hi All,
>	I have a question on lighting. I recently got a ballast for
>what I thought to be for 3  40 watt FT12s but it is actually for
>34 watters.My tank is 55 gal. The water column will be appox. 16 in. deep.
>this enough light or should I trade these out for a system of VHO with 2
>watt bulbs
>or is that too much light. I am told that our Gov. in it's infinite wisdom
>decided to end production of 40 watt ballasts and 3 bulb ballasts are no
>longer available for 40 watts. HELP

	I just threw away at least 500 40 watt T12 ballasts. I'm an electrician and
just last week was on a job retro-fitting all the light fixtures with newer
energy saving electronic T8 ballasts and tubes. I didn't think to ask anyone
on the list if they wanted any. Most of them were old, leaky and PCB laden
but maybe 50 or 60 of them were newer (replaced within the last 5 years). I
won't be going back to that job next week but possibly the week after. I
can't guarantee anything but if anyone is interested in having one of these
instead of throwing them into the dumpster I would send it for the cost of
shipping. I'm in Albany, New York and the ballasts weigh probably 3 pounds
	Anyway, the ballasts I recently threw out said on them they could use both
F40T12's and F34T12's. I thought the difference was just the gas used in the
tube but maybe there's more to it than that.
	By the way, does anyone know how long a 25 watt T8 tube is? I'm going to
build myself a hood and the ballast I have is for 2 F32T8, F25T8, or F17T8
tubes. I'm hoping they're about 2 feet (I know the 32 watters are) because
that would fit my 29 gallon perfect.