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What lighting to choose???

I have a 50 gal. tank 36 * 16 * 20 (High).  Currently I have only a
double light bar with two 36" 30 watt tubes.  My tank does not have
enough light for the tank that I want to grow.  What can I do to
increase my light output while keeping the costs to a min because I am a
student with very little income.  I don't want to add another double
light bar because there will be very little room left on the top for
sliding the glass for feeding, cleaning, etc.

I am going to Flordia in May and thinking about purchasing a new
lighting system down there.  Should I purchase a

    - metal halide or VHO
    - which stores should go to in Flordia

There is a place on the internet www.aquaticlight.com which sell a MH
retrofit kit that includes:
 Each kit comes complete with 175 watt lamp, socket, ballast,
mounting,                 bracket and cord
 Top quality, thermally protected and ULŪ listed ballast
 All items are new and offer flexible mounting options
 Full one year warranty on all parts - Six months on the lamp

This all cost only $75 but would cost $37 more for a 5500 K lamp instead
of 4300 K or pay $90 to upgrade to a German 175 watt 10,000K Lamp

Has anyone bought from these guys - Aquatic Lighting Systems?  What are
they and their systems like?
Does it matter that this system is not made in Germany?
What type of lamp should I choose for a freshwater tank?

I don't want to be spend a load of money tomorrow to buy another system
so tell me what is most economical in the long run.

Thanks for your help.