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Re: DIY lights

Robert NG writes:

<< I was wondering if i can do this:
> - -buy a 4 foot, 4 bulb shop light ( i would buy a two foot shop light, but
>  i dont think they exist with 4 bulbs)
> - -exchange the ballast to one that can run my desired configs of light
>  i want
> - -take everything out of the shoplight and reassemble it into the
>  DIY hood
> - -rearrange the endcaps that were previously 4foot apart in the shop
> and  fit it two feet apart under my DIY hood
> - -add a power cord instead of wiring it into the wall
> Is this a possible way to do this or is there something wrong with my
> idea, if you know anything about this, please help me, the more
> i get in reply the more i will understand..........THANKS >>

The only problem I see is the added expense.  You're going to buy the entire
fixture, then replace the ballast with a different ballast, and the replace
the metal frame with the DIY hood,  All you will be using of that shoplight is
the endcaps and wire.  A local elctrical/lighting store should be able to
equip you with endcaps and wire for less than the price of a fixture.  Other
than that, it is basically how most folks build DIY Hoods.  Be sure to
incorporate a glass lis or something like it to keep the evaporation from
shorting or corroding your endcaps and ballast.

Bob Dixon