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Re: Phosphate

We wrote:

"> >
> >>Excuse me if this has already been addressed recently, but what is the
> >>best way to remove phosphates from the water...eg: especially after an
> >>algae bloom, etc......thanks.
> >
> >Water changes!
> John Haydt wrote:
> >What about poor folks (like me) whose tap water contains 0.26 ppm PO4 on
> >its best day?!
> >
> >PhosGuard!
> It is extremely common in Europe for aquarists to have tap water
> levels higher than that.  If the plants are growing well, the plants
> be able to use that amount of phosphate when it is added with a water
> change.  After all, (if I did my math right) if you do a 25% water
> you are only adding .065 ppm to the tank.  With lots of fast growing
> plants, they can soak that amount up pretty quickly.
> I don't know your exact situation, but I often hear people obsessing
> a fraction of a ppm of PO4 in their tap water, when the PO4 level in the
> tank is 3ppm or higher.  In _most_ situations, water changes are the best
> way to reduce PO4 levels.  Only if the phosphate level in your tank is
> lower than the level in your tap water and you're still having algae
> problems.    In that case, phosguard should be used to _pre-treat_ tap
> water before using it in the tank.
> Karen..."

For about a year I did nothing for PO4.  Had a lot of beard/brush/hair

Tried pre-treating my change water but gave up after several months, too
much of a pain.  I now put a small media bag of Phosguard in my Magnum 350
charcoal canister and fill the rest with poly floss.  I change this weekly
with my 20 gallon water change (55 gallon tank).  Since I started using
this method I've had no problems with beard/brush/hair algae.

John Haydt